Newtown is my home and I want our guests to feel like they are spending a special time with friendly neighbors. The Inn Is a beautiful historic home in the center of town that has been lovingly restored and complemented by a wonderful collection of original art.

Our guests come for a drink after work with friends. They enjoy a quick lunch or a quiet, leisurely dinner. They celebrate holidays and special occasions with us. They have parties and events and meetings with us. They send family and friends to stay in our comfortable rooms.

Every visit by every guest is special to us and we work very hard to make it perfect. We love to serve you and I hope we can soon.

- Robert Ryder, Innkeeper

Our Philosophy

The Social Center of Town

We start with a sense of obligation to our neighbors in Newtown. We occupy a historic setting in the center of town near the flagpole and next to the library. It is the geographic center of town and we want The Inn to be the social center of the town as well; a place people can happily go for a drink with friends, or a quick lunch, or a fine leisurely dinner; a place to celebrate special occasions or hold meetings; a trusted place for family and friends to stay overnight.

Emphasis on Quality and Value

We want our guests to experience a warm welcome and thoughtful, professional service in surroundings that are beautifully designed and carefully maintained. We want them to expect very good food and a wide range of choices. Soups and salads and sandwiches, if that is what the guest wants; or fine dinners with steaks and fresh seafood and pastas, prepared with thought and creativity. We want them to expect their food to be made with fresh, local ingredients where possible and to be assured it will be prepared in our own kitchens every day.

We will not serve fast food or cold cuts, nor will we warm up frozen stuff in the microwave as so many places do these days. This will cost a bit more money, but we will always strive for value; quality at a reasonable price. The emphasis on value will also be seen in our wine and beverage services. We work hard to find very good wines which are affordable. It's fun for us and we believe our customers appreciate it. We also offer great wines with minimal markup over their retail value. And, if our guests prefer, we are happy to have them bring their own wine for a small corkage charge.

Our Promise: We want our guests to know that if we ever disappoint them, we will make it right.

We will be opening at 11:30am for lunch on Thursday's and Fridays.

Starting Thursday, 10/15.

Every Wednesday is Prime Rib Night!

Prime Rib, Baked Potato, Seasonal Vegetables, Caesar Salad. $29.00

Daily Activities & Specials